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Welcome to jacksonbat.com. We are the only qualified bat removal company in Jackson, Mississippi. Bats are very helpful to the environment, and while it is good to have a bat colony somewhere near your property, it is never good to have them inside your home. Bats are very dangerous pests inside the home. They bring dangerous illnesses such as rabies and histoplasmosis, and they can create a lot of structural damage to your property. Not to mention, they will leave bat guano everywhere, leaving you to dangerously clean up after them! It's not easy to spot if there's a bat living in your house either, so make sure to call a professional if you suspect that there is a colony nearby. We are specialized in bat colony extraction, which means that we are highly trained professionals who can handle any type of bat species in the area. We make sure to never harm a single bat when we remove them, we don't trap bats nor do we poison them, because this is illegal. Our job is to safely remove bats from your home and make sure they are unharmed in the process. In able to do this, we use a one way door that prevents bats from entering once they have left your attic. They will leave to hunt at night, unknowingly locking them out from your attic. Afterwards, we will seal and repair your attic once we have made sure that no bat is left inside. We will not leave the premises until we have made sure that your property is sanitary, so we will clean, deodorize, and decontaminate your house from bat guano. Our experienced professionals are trained to handle all sorts of bat problems, so don't hesitate to call us when you suspect that you have a bat in your property.  We operate 24-7-365, so don't hesitate to call us at 601-501-6980 to discuss your bat problem and schedule a fast appointment.


We are experts at removing bats from residential properties. Whether you have a single bat trapped in your house, a colony roosting in your attic, and/or various other problems, there is no need to worry! During our removal process, we make sure to inspect your entire home carefully, tracking down all the entrypoints bats are using to invade your place. Next, we perform a process called live exclusion (where no bats are harmed and all exit your property), then seal all entry holes completely shut. We also take care of the cleanup process after, so your home is safe and clean!

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Besides residential areas, we also have a wealth of experience removing bats from commercial properties! We begin by investigating the area for possible bat entrances, covering holes even as small as 1/4 of an inch. Through our live exclusion process, bats leave the building through one-way exits, and we seal up every hole afterward. Once the bats have been removed, we perform a cleanup process. This includes dealing with guano, replacing damaged insulation, and decontaminating the place.

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What Our Customers Say

Relocating a Trapped Bat

Once you do the hard part, trapping the bat, you are going to have to figure out what to do. Like most people, the first instinct is going to be to relocate it.

By relocating it, you hope it finds a new home and stays far, far away from your own. You hope that, at least.

However, it may not work out that way. Before you go through the process of trapping and relocating a bat, you should know whether this is going to work. It can be a lot more trouble than it is worth if you go through with this and the bat ends up back in your home or attic.

Trapping and Relocating

Trapping the bat is a difficult task. If you have already done this task, you may know this full well. Getting the bat to take the bait and to go into the cage is not going to be easy.

It can take a while for this to work out. When it finally does, if it does, you are going to want to know what to do, and relocation does seem like a smart idea.

The problem is that bats know where their home is. If they view your home as their own, there is a high chance of them returning. They will fly back in order to go to where they know their family and safety is.

It is going to be a lot of effort with no reward or payoff. You are going to continue to have a bat problem if this is your solution. With a better choice out there, there is no reason for it.


Exclusion traps are the far better alternative. With exclusion, you are going to force the bat out on its own. When it leaves the property, it leaves for a long while in order to find food. When it tries to reenter, it is going to have no entry point.

Exclusion gives them a way out but not a way back in. It forces the bats to move to another location for safety and shelter.

When all the bats decide to leave, you can seal up entry points and keep the bats out for good. It is a far easier and more effective solution overall.

Trapping and relocating bats is far more work than it is worth. For that effort, you can go through with a plan that will show results – exclusion.